House Cleaning Checklist

Our house cleaning checklist is simple and effective, it outlines all of the most important and necessary cleaning tasks to be complete to get the most out of your house cleaning, weather it is on your own or being done through a house cleaning service such as Eh! Maids. All of the cleaners we work with are skilled in all aspects of this checklist through their years of experience working as experts in the house cleaning service industry.

We have a variety of house cleaning services from regular cleans to move in/move out cleans. Choose the service that fits your needs best! A full list of our services and what is included in each clean is listed below.  

 Basic CleanDeep CleanMove In/Out Clean
Empty Garbage Bins
Vacuum & Mop All floors
Dust All Surfaces
Dust Furniture
Clean Light Switches & Doorknobs
Clean Mirrors
Wipe Skirting Boards/Baseboards & Corners
Wiping Exterior Of All Cupboards
Spot Clean Walls
Detail Doors & Door Frames
Dust & Wipe Blinds
Sweep Patio/Balcony
 Basic CleanDeep CleanMoving Clean
Quick Floor De-Cutter
Wipe Dresser Tops
Make Beds
Inside Bedroom Cabinets
 Basic CleanDeep CleanMove In/Out Clean
Clean Countertops
Scrub Toilets
Wipe Bathroom Cabinets (Outside)
Clean Sinks
Clean Bath Tubs
Clean Showers
Clean Mirrors & Fixtures
Scrub Silicon Joints of Shower, Sink & Bath
Clean In-Between Shower Tiles
Inside Bathroom Cabinets
 Basic CleanDeep CleanMove In/Out Clean
Wipe Fridge (Outside)
Clean Countertops
Wipe Appliances
Clean Sink
Clean Stovetop & Overhead
Wipe Over (Outside)
Inside Kitchen Cabinets
Inside Fridge
Inside Oven
Initial Cleaning
For properties that haven’t had professional service in the last 30 days.
Deep Clean
Includes more areas and items than a basic clean
Move In/Out
For properties that are being moved in or out of
Kitchen Cabinets
Cleaning the inside of cabinets
Cleaning Of Interior
Cleaning Of Interior
Finished basements below ground level (not included in square footage)
Same day/next day
Urgent cleaning service required
Paid Parking
services that require cleaners to park in paid parking (per hour)
Cleaning of baseboards
Sweep of balcony & patio areas
Bathroom Cabinets
Cleaning the inside of cabinets
I Have Pets
Owners that have cats, dogs or any other haired pet
Interior of windows
Same Day Service
Call to ensure availability!
  • Lifting and moving heavy furniture (requiring another person’s assistance)
  • Reaching heights inaccessible on our 2-step ladder
  • Clean the fronts of TVs
  • Carpet cleaning (but we can refer you to awesome providers!)
  • Cleaning bio-hazardous substances (feces, blood, etc)
  • Cleaning infested properties (rodents, bugs, etc)
  • Move appliances that are connected to gas or water
  • Service clients who are disrespectful to our staff

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