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High-quality house cleaning services at affordable rates for homes across Ontario.

house cleaning services

We are Eh! Maids, provider of high-quality & affordable house cleaning services.  Let us save you time by taking the cleaning work off your hands. Our expert house cleaning service technicians arrive at your home armed with all the cleaning equipment needed to get the job done.

Put your faith in us and we promise to amaze you by the quality of our house cleaning services. Our expert maids will provide you the extra time off so that you can enjoy your weekends and pay more attention to the important things in life.

Each member of our cleaning team is checked thoroughly and they’re made to go through several tests before they are ready to officially be assigned work. We make sure that with our house cleaning service experts, you’ll get the peace of mind knowing you get a sparkling clean house.

6 Reasons to Have a house cleaning service

After a long day, who doesn’t love walking into a home that is clean, nice smelling, and cozy? You’ll ideally want your family and friends to enjoy this wonderful feeling but the demands of hectic life might make it impossible to spend time to keep the house clean.

Fortunately, you can rely on Eh! Maids or maid services and all your house cleaning needs. You don’t just need to clean your house for others but a clean house also has several other benefits as well.

  • Lowers stress
  • Reduces asthma and allergies
  • Kills any germs and pests hiding around
  • Better for infants and children
  • Safety
  • Have guests over anytime

One tree planted for every house cleaning service

Eh! Maids has teamed up with One Tree Planted, an environmental non-profit organization on a mission to plant trees around the world. One Tree Planted has managed to plant more then 5 million trees to date, creating a healthier climate, protecting biodiversity and helping reforestation efforts around the world.

With every house cleaning service purchased, a tree will be planted in Ontario on your behalf. Since partnering with One Tree Planted in 2019, Eh! Maids House Cleaning Toronto and our customers have planted more then 1000 trees in Ontario!

house cleaning frequently asked questions

Most professional cleaning companies will charge based on an hourly rate, or by square footage of your home. Eh! Maids has revolutionized the cost calculation by making it more customizable and more affordable for our clients.

An Eh! Maids basic house cleaning consists of 22 contact points which can be found in our Eh! Maids House Cleaning Service Checklist. 

A house cleaner can do a wide variety of tasks depending on if the service required. Dusting vertical surfaces, disinfecting toilets and sinks, and cleaning the inside of your microwave are just a few examples.

The general rule for house cleaning is 500 square feet per hour per house cleaner for regular cleaning and 250 square feet per hour per house cleaner for deep cleaning.

To prepare for a house cleaner, it is always a great idea to move any valuable objects that could be broken by accident during the cleaning process. Also having knick-knacks put away so the cleaners work away uninterrupted is also a good idea.

Have a regular cleaning to your home is essential to yours and your families health. We recommend at least a biweekly regular service and a deep cleaning every 3 months.

Do you tip a house cleaner?

Everyone has cleaned at least once in their life, so if you think the house cleaner did a great job then tipping them is a great idea. 

Do you tip a house cleaner

Is house cleaning worth it?

Cleaning services can be affordable and the best part is your house is spotless. It is a win-win situation. 

Is house cleaning worth it
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