how do i prepare my house for cleaning?

Although Eh! Maids will do most of the work, to get the best experience there are a few things you can do.

Preparing for your house cleaning

How do i prepare for my house cleaning? There are many things that can be done and should be done to prepare your house for a house cleaning service. Lets start with a few goals we are looking for the house cleaning staff to attain, and what can be done to help out.

Put away valuable or sentimental objects and items.We all want the best, highest quality house cleaning, if its not cleaned at or above the industry standard, then what is the point? If the cleaners have to avoid household items that look valuable, then this could lead to sections of your home not being reach. 

Tidy your knick knacks, this will help the cleaners save valuable cleaning time. The house cleaners time is best spent on doing what they do best, and that is cleaning your home.  Not only will it help save time but it will provide you with a better quality cleaning.

Have a priority list, this will help the house cleaners know what is most important to you. The great thing with our booking system is we are able to know this information before your cleaning service, you can also add this information in after the fact through our online portal as well.

cleaning products and bucket

Things NOT to do before your cleaning service

Preparing for your house cleaning is important, but there are also a few things that should be avoided to save the cleaners some time, and allow you to get the best house cleaning possible.

Not having the proper lockbox code or having your key in a place the cleaners can find can delay the house cleaning or even postpone it all together. It is important to have clear instructions on how the cleaning technicians can enter your home if you decide to go out during the house cleaning service.

Requesting the cleaners to use your own cleaning supplies and equipment is absolutely an option for your service, but we do ask that your supplies and equipment be proper cleaning agents and problem free equipment. If our cleaners have mechanical issues with your vacuum, or spend extra time dusting because the cleaning agent is home made, this will most definitely be a leading cause of a sub par cleaning service.

One tree planted for every house cleaning service

Eh! Maids has teamed up with One Tree Planted, an environmental non-profit organization on a mission to plant trees around the world. One Tree Planted has managed to plant more then 5 million trees to date, creating a healthier climate, protecting biodiversity and helping reforestation efforts around the world.

With every house cleaning service purchased, a tree will be planted in Ontario on your behalf. Since partnering with One Tree Planted in 2019, Eh! Maids and our customers have planted more then 1000 trees in Ontario!

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