what is included in a basic house cleaning

The Eh! Maids basic house cleaning is perfect for those on a regular house cleaning schedule.

The benefits of basic house cleaning

Basic house cleaning is a great way to keep your house in tip top condition. From surface dusting to toilet cleaning, our expert maids will make sure your house is kept up to or surpasses house cleaning standards.

A basic house cleaning is performed regularly, be it weekly, biweekly or monthly after a deep cleaning is performed. This allows you as the homeowner to benefit from a healthy environment day in and day out.

Knowing your home is clean and disinfected regularly minimizes stress levels dramatically, and keeps you and your family safe from unwanted germs and other nasty contaminants. 

Basic house cleaning can also keep money in your wallet for more important things, such as time out with your family, as you no longer need to waste it on house cleaning supplies. 

Basic House Cleaning

Basic house cleaning service breakdown

What is included in a basic house cleaning? Lets get into the details and break down some of the steps included in an Eh! Maids basic house cleaning.

All spaces are maintaned with vertical surface dusting, floor vacuuming and mopping as well as emptying of garbage bins. Vanity items such as mirrors are also given a quick wipe to take off any fingerprints or streaks.

Bedrooms are normally an easy clean, as they see the least amounts of outside traffic. Dusting the tops of dressers, doing a quick floor declutter and making the beds are the primary tasks for basic cleaning in your bedroom.

The kitchen is next on the list, and an important one as this is where we prepare our meals. Cleaning the sinks, countertops and appliances is on the top of the list when cleaning the kitchen, this keeps any unwanted germs from getting into your food and making you or your family sick.

Bathrooms are the priority, with the most contaminents from regular use, we focus our basic house cleaning efforts here.
Sink, showers, bathtubs and toilets are disinfected first and formost, to keep those nasty germs at bay. Next is dusting and cleaning vanity items such as mirrors and andy vertical surfaces such as open face cabinets or shelves.

One tree planted for every house cleaning service

Eh! Maids has teamed up with One Tree Planted, an environmental non-profit organization on a mission to plant trees around the world. One Tree Planted has managed to plant more then 5 million trees to date, creating a healthier climate, protecting biodiversity and helping reforestation efforts around the world.

With every house cleaning service purchased, a tree will be planted in Ontario on your behalf. Since partnering with One Tree Planted in 2019, Eh! Maids and our customers have planted more then 1000 trees in Ontario!

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