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Most people depend on ovens for a quick fix to their food at any time of the day. However, they don’t take enough care of their ovens and issues start arising. Issues with ovens can often be frustrating especially if you are regularly dependent on it. 

Eh! Maids are here to end all that frustration for you. 

Our professional maids will offer exceptional oven cleaning services anywhere you want in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer great oven cleaning among other services at reasonable rates with easy booking from the comfort of your home.

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"We wanted to get the house thoroughly cleaned before our baby came. I'm so glad we went with this company. Can't recommend them highly enough.."
--Jamie Perry--

While there are several ways of deep cleaning an oven, our professional maids use a tried-and-tested cleaning method, using high-quality, reliable cleaning products that deliver results. Our experts understand the level of caution and care that needs to be kept in mind when cleaning your oven. They are highly reliable as they possess the experience, the skills, and the know-how to ensure that your oven is cleaned thoroughly in the safest possible way.

what to expect from our oven cleaning service

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You don’t have to wander around and look for genuine oven cleaners anymore. You can find the best here, at Eh! Maids. You can hire our expert services and we’ll send professional maids at your doorstep on a time convenient for you. 

No matter what type of oven you have in your house, our professional maids will thoroughly clean it and even check if there are any underlying issues. Booking our professional oven cleaning service in the Greater Toronto Area is just a matter of few clicks and it wouldn’t take more than a minute or two. You can hire our services and we’ll send over maids to your house to clean your kitchen so thoroughly that your kitchen and the appliances glow.

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An oven is one of those things that most households use on a regular basis but don’t clean frequently. What’s worse, an oven that has been left as it is after preparing a meal or baking a pie will accumulate bacteria and make for a highly unsanitary environment for the next time you use it. Hence, thoroughly cleaning your oven every now and then is a necessity. 

If you’re unsure about cleaning your oven in a safe and effective manner, why not let the professionals take that work off your hands? Our maid service will make your oven’s interior and exterior squeaky clean by giving it a deep, thorough clean. We’ll make sure to remove any hardened food bits, food spills, tough stains, and greasy layers from the oven. Once we’re finished, your previously dirty and full oven will look as good as new!

Experience your cleanest home yet

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If you have a hectic daily life, the last thing you would want do to is to spend your weekends cleaning your kitchen and kitchen appliances like oven and refrigerator. Household chores often get piled up especially if you have an “I’ll get up tomorrow and finish this task” attitude. Once the weekend arrives, you wake up to a bunch of time-consuming tasks leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

This is where the professional maids from Eh! Maids come in to save you from the workload. We are a renowned and trustworthy name that provides the best house cleaning service in the Greater Toronto Area.

why choose eh! maids for an oven cleaning service

  • Save precious time

Our professional maids will take the workload from you and help you get extra time to focus on the more important things in your schedule. 


  • High-quality performance

Our maids will go above and beyond to provide their best efforts on every job.


  • Safety first

We rigorously vet every cleaner as they have to undergo numerous checks and reference interviews before we assign them projects.

  • Easy to get help

You just have to give your postal code, the number of rooms, the date to schedule the cleaning, and relax while our maids will take care of your apartment.


  • Easy communication 

We make use of online communication as it’ll make it easy for our customers to stay in touch with our cleaners.

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We are Eh! Maids, a reliable, high-quality house cleaning service agency that provides great cleaning services including house cleaning, apartment cleaning, move in/move out cleaning, deep cleaning, standard cleaning, kitchen cleaning, oven cleaning, and more.

You don’t even have to worry about tools and equipment as we’ll bring everything from our side and carry out high-quality oven cleaning. We want our customers to be as comfortable as possible, that is why we never give them added workload of organizing the cleaning supplies. Hiring our services, you’ll just have to relax and let our maids come to your house with all the tools and supplies, and clean your oven that it feels like a newly purchased item.

eh! maids experts will make your oven look brand new!

Additionally, the products and supplies that we use are 100% tried, tested and proven to do the best job possible. Our aim is to provide high-quality house cleaning services that are not just clean, but that are safe and hygienic too. Once we’re done with our cleaning session, you wouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your kids or your pets. 

Our testimonials are witness to the level of dedication, quality workmanship, and exceptional results that our professional maids provide. Our pricing is equal to other expert house cleaners in the area and we are flexible enough to schedule our services to meet your needs. Whether you want to edit, cancel, or postpone your scheduled cleaning, we’ll be more than happy to make the changes as long as you tell us about it 48 hours prior to the scheduled cleaning. Also, if you’re not satisfied with our work, we’ll have no problem returning to touch up anything to meet your satisfaction levels.

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