Post Construction

Make your new renovation project perfect with affordable post construction cleaning services.

Post Construction Cleaning Services

Whether it is the renovation of a single room, a private property or the construction of a large commercial complex, Eh! Maids will ensure that any site will be spick and span and ready for moving in.

The Eh! Maids post construction cleaning service also includes competent and flexible planning and scheduling with the relevant building contractors and the correct disposal of any construction debris.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements with us. We look forward to preparing a quote of our complete post construction cleaning services at a competitive price for you.

Benefits of a Good Post-Construction Cleaning

Regardless of how carefully construction work is being undertaken, the  entire site and every little nook and cranny usually ends up with a thick layer of dust. Brick work, windows and windowsills, kitchen cabinets, floors, etc. will all need a thorough cleaning.

Don’t expose yourself to dusty air, Eh! Maids expert team will take care of all affected areas quickly and safely. We use professional, thorough cleaning methods and products and have the flexibility and resources to complete small and large cleaning projects on time and to the highest standard.

A few benefits of our post construction cleaning service:

  • Eh! Maids will coordinate their services with the relevant building contractors to make sure the cleaning of the site is efficient, practical and timely.
  • We will use appropriate cleaning equipment and methods to ensure a thorough clean and spotless premises ready to hand-over or move in.
  • Our service includes the cleaning and wipe down of windows and windowsills, walls, ceiling, ceiling fans and lamps, clean and disinfect kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, shelves, drawers and bench tops, mirrors and splash backs, sinks etc.



House Cleaning Services Frequently Asked Questions

Regardless of a building crew’s best intentions and professionalism, a renovation or construction will always bring dust and debris, even in hard to reach places. Let the Eh! Maids crew take on this task so that you can concentrate on looking forward to your new or renovated property.

Our team of contractors will ensure, every nook and cranny are clean, dust free and hygienic. We will also take care of any rubbish, debris and packaging. The team from Eh! Maids has the experience and know-how to use specialized equipment and products to hand over a room, house or building complex that is move-in ready on time.

Before you want to move in or want to hand over a building to your client is the best time for Eh! Maids to do their magic. Let our team liaise with the building contractors so that any cleaning service can be efficient and timely.

The less furniture or moving boxes are in the house the easier it is for our contractors to do a thorough job. Ideally, our cleaners will schedule a time for the post construction cleaning when all work is completed and before the property is handed over to the client or end-user. We can provide this service at short notice and within very short timeframes.

A post construction clean is usually a one-off service. However, builders often have to come back to complete a task or adjust something, or our cleaning crew was hampered by other contractors arriving earlier than anticipated. In that instance, a second post construction clean or a cleaning service at regular intervals is a really good idea.