Eh! Maids

Terms Of Service

Our happiest clients understand that it takes two for the perfect clean, and that begins with us giving you an awesomely clean home, and with you understanding exactly what will be done when we clean your home, also you know a little about how we operate….Please read the complete list of policies listed below so you have a good understanding of the services we provided and as always if you have any question just reach out to myself, or a member of our happiness team who is just a reply away!


I know it can be stressful having a stranger in your home, rest assured that the cleaners are true professionals and have been thoroughly screened for your protection. We ask that you be pleasant with your cleaners, they are great people and want to do a good job for you, but sometimes get stressed by how they are being treated or being told what to do, causing them to be uncomfortable in your home and distracting them from doing the best job for you, REMEMBER they are people with feelings just like you and I, if you have an issue with anyone on the team please call our office immediately and we will handle it.


Please place any dogs in a room that is not being cleaned, or in a dog crate while our cleaner is in your home. This allows us to focus on your cleaning and allows us to deliver the best cleaning possible without distractions saving us both time and money.


We know you are opening your door to us and are wondering what to expect. We guarantee our work, and ask if you have any issues with the services that you understand we are human and can miss small things from time to time. Please let us know and we will gladly return to re-clean the missed area as soon as we can, without too much inconvenience to you.

Who’s Cleaning

We use the independent cleaner model, meaning we find and thoroughly vet only the best cleaners around. Your cleaning can be as short as 1 hour and as long as 8 hours depending on the condition and size of your home. We reserve the right to add additional cleaners if scheduling allows for this. Please understand that the cleaners we work with are professionals, and are highly efficient so don’t be surprised if we knock out a 4000 sq ft home in 4 hours and only having 1 cleaner, that’s is what we do!

Are You going to be home?

It is not required that you are home while we clean, in fact we prefer that you are not so the cleaners are not distracted and able to provide you with the best possible cleaning they can. If you are home we ask that you refrain from looking over their shoulders, and wait to inspect the cleaning while the cleaners are packing up to leave, also please make sure if we have already cleaned an area that all surfaces have dried before you start to utilize the area. We cannot do the work twice and keep your rates where they are, and it’s not fair to ask the cleaner to touch up an areas she has already thoroughly cleaned.


For us to be able to clean at a consistent pace and to keep your cleaning affordable we ask if there is more than 5 items in a specific place that needs to be dusted please have the items picked up so we can keep a consistent pace and continue to offer these rates for your services. If there is an area where 5 or more items are we will simply dust around them as best as possible and they will NOT be moved by your cleaner. Please note: We do not offer organizing services at this time.

Extreme Clutter

We have found when we figure the time it would take to for us to clean major cluttered areas that it will not fit in most peoples budget to pay us, and we cannot handle these kind of tasks is an efficient matter, so we have chosen not to offer this kind of cleaning as a service that we can perform.

Porous Surfaces

Porous Surfaces in your home ie: moldings, caulk, entrance doors, shower doors, bathtubs, furniture, counter tops, windows, etc. may not appear to have been cleaned due to the nature of a porous surfaces they contain small crevasse that holds trapped dirt for years and can be nearly impossible to get 100% clean without use abrasive actions that can potentially cause damage to the surface. Homes that have these type of surfaces and have not had them refinished to a smooth surface can cause the appearance that the item(s) to not have been cleaned when in fact they have been. We can clean over surfaces like this many times and still have the same visual results. Please take a good look if you feel an item like this has been missed before the assumption is made that we did not clean it.


We reserve the right to change the pricing or discounts if we see that your homes circumstances are not typical, or if the incorrect booking options had been selected for your home. A 4 Bedroom 3 Bath home is a 4 Bedroom 3 Bath home regardless of what we are cleaning, and is used to gauge the size of your home not what to clean.

Flat Rate Pricing

We chose flat rate pricing by selecting Beds/Baths to simplify the process for you, and to make it simple to schedule online. By pricing upfront like this we have nothing to hide and do not guarantee how long or how many cleaners will arrive, the price is simply the price and not based on an amount of time. If you have specific tasks that you would like to be completed and are not based on our cleaning checklist, please schedule our hourly services that are also available online at the rate of 45.00 per clock hour.


If you change your service frequency ie: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly from its original booking or if your cleaning has been rescheduled so it falls out of line with your selected frequency,we reserve the right to charge you for that discount that we previously provided and/or change the current discount for further cleanings.

That Hair In The Sink

It doesn’t happen all the time but it has, and it could be the toilet or floor as well. We fully vetted and test the cleaners so we know they have the utmost intention to leave your home sparkling clean, however, there are times where dust and hair may settle after the job has been completed. We do our best to spot this but at times when a door is shut or someone walks by swiftly it can kick something up that was hidden during our cleaning and moved to the top of a surface. Please understand that we are not perfect, though we strive to be, if that’s all it is we ask that you don’t judge the entire cleaning the cleaners worked hard on for you just on this one little thing.

100% Guarantee

Please note that refunds are not offered without to a Re-Clean being accepted. A Re-Clean will only be completed within a 24 hour window from your date of service, otherwise it will be considered denied. No refund will be offered if a Re-Clean is denied.


Any cancellations or rescheduling within 24 hours before your scheduled service a $40 cancellation fee will be charged because we reserve that time specifically for you, and are unable to schedule another job in that place. We appreciate your understanding.

Services We Do Not Offer

  • Replaceable Blind Cleaning (the low cost white ones)
  • Shopping & Errands
  • Pick Up, Moving or Remove Clutter (5 or more items in any given area ie: Books, Boxes, Mail, Papers, Cloths, & Trash ect.)
  • Exterior Windows, and High Reaching Windows
  • Heavy Lifting over 25 lbs (Insurance Requirements)
  • Cleaning of Bodily fluids, mold, toys, pet waste, or other bio-hazards (we do clean minor areas in bathrooms)
  • Step Higher than 3 steps on a ladder (Insurance Requirements)


We encourage tipping your cleaner if you feel they did a great job, and believe me they appreciate too! If you do choose to tip your cleaner we prefer payment in the form of cash. If added to your invoice we are forced to split the tip due to taxes and fees that apply when we run your card.


PLEASE NOTE: A hold will be placed on your account (for authorization) in the amount of your total balance 1 day PRIOR to your scheduled cleaning service. If your service is cancelled for any reason, this hold will drop off within 2-5 days. THIS HOLD IS NOT A CHARGE. Charging is completed the day of your appointment and you will receive an invoice via email once this occurs.

As always, thank you for choosing Eh! Maids. Please let us know if we can assist you with anything further.


Martan Mckee & The Eh! Maids Happiness Team