How to clean your kitchen drain effectively – and fast

Women cleaning a kitchen sink

It’s Friday night. You’ve just cooked yourself a lovely meal, are cozied up in your favourite loungewear and have Netflix ready to go. You’ve outdone yourself with creating the quintessential night in. But then you realize – something’s off. You decided kitchen clean-up can wait, but, as you make your way to get comfy, are…

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How to Survive Post-Renovation Cleaning (yes, it’s possible)

Two young women sitting in a blue couch stressing over their post-renovation cleaning

We all know construction is often synonymous with “a confusing, messy, never-ending story”; did your home actually make it? Mission Impossible became Mission Accomplished? Holy smokes – hooray to you! Not to burst your bubble, but there’s one more obstacle to overcome before you get comfy: post renovation cleanup. After your home’s makeover is complete,…

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Cleaning A Dirty Home & Surviving In 3 Simple Steps

Young man stressed whilst cleaning his messy house

Have you just secured your dream home but – gulp – realized it desperately needs a good cleanup? Or perhaps your well-lived-in quarters missed its annual spring cleaning? We get it – you probably don’t love washing and scrubbing as much as we do. But you probably want your new home to feel (and smell!)…

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