Cleaning A Dirty Home & Surviving In 3 Simple Steps

Young man stressed whilst cleaning his messy house

Have you just secured your dream home but – gulp – realized it desperately needs a good cleanup?

Or perhaps your well-lived-in quarters missed its annual spring cleaning?

We get it – you probably don’t love washing and scrubbing as much as we do. But you probably want your new home to feel (and smell!) clean before cozying up in it.

Read on as we guide you through how to make your house look cleaner in three straightforward steps, so you can get to what’s most important faster – enjoying your brand new, or very familiar, humble abode.


Step 1/3: Set yourself up for success

Where to start cleaning a messy house? Don’t start with the mess! Let us explain.

Cleaning is only as effective as the tools used for it; gathering the necessary supplies is crucial.

Though you may be eager to get the job over with, ensuring beforehand you have what’s needed to get it done will likely save you time in the long run.

Additionally, you may see an increase in your cleaning motivation once proper materials are in hand (Okay, maybe this just happens to us; but give it a try and see!).

Here’s a list of essential cleaning items we recommend having from the get-go:

  • Cleaning gloves
  • Vacuum
  • Broom/Dustpan
  • Mop/Mop bucket
  • Toilet brush
  • Duster
  • Sponges (Choose a variety in order to clean different surfaces correctly)
  • Cloths/rags (For wiping/dusting)
  • Cleaning brush(es)
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Dish cleaner
  • Carpet cleaner (If applicable)

Pro-tip: To save money, rip up old (but clean!) clothing and use them for wiping/dusting; (Psst – this also helps the environment; DIY recycling!)


Step 2/3: For your sanity: Break it down.

Figuring out how to start cleaning a dirty house can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve just moved into it or are about to; fear not!

In relation to Step 1, Step 2 brings us closer to whipping your new palace into shape; after assembling your cleaning tools, we now add a dash of planning (and, okay, eventually, some elbow grease too).

Schedule out how much cleaning time you’ll need for each room, ensuring you include extra time for potential mishaps – even if it’s just a rough idea! Some sort of reference point is better than nothing.

We advise referring to each room as a section and having sub-sections in order for you to reap the benefits of a deep clean.

It can seem like a lot to figure out, but it’s worth compartmentalizing things in advance so the cleaning process runs smoother; instead of the daunting endeavor of cleaning an entire house, this system gives you the mindset of one small task at a time (and, dare we say, may make it a pleasant experience!).

Wondering which room to tackle first? We suggest the spaces likely needing the most attention for hygienic reasons: the bathroom and kitchen. Start with them – they’re more capable of quickly producing germs and odors compared to other rooms – and thank yourself later!

Pro tip: Jot down your cleaning schedule and put boxes beside each task, checking off each as you go; an easy, effective way to stay motivated by giving yourself a figurative pat on the back!


Step 3/3: Clean smarter, not harder.

Being uber strategic with something you find mundane *cough*cleaning*cough* perhaps seems silly. However, this could be the very thing that makes it the opposite of dull; enjoyable!

After gathering your tools (Step 1) and plan (Step 2), here comes the last, yet integral, component: streamlining your efforts.

For example, with any room, unlike Drake’s famous song, you probably won’t start from the bottom; dust falls from top to ground, therefore we usually recommend cleaning this way as well.

If you begin with the floors and work your way up, dust will almost certainly fall back to where you just finished working; minimize your slog by starting high!

Speaking of floors – dust them first. This can make any subsequent mopping much less messy, cutting down on your precious minutes.

While potentially requiring a modest investment in donuts and coffee, ask your loved ones to come help! This saves you time and may even take cleaning from a major “ugh” to a meaningful memory.

Pro-tip: Resources are key! We love this video about cleaning a new place.

Alright…we lied. There’s possibly a Step 4: Us! 

If your cleaning duties are too mind-boggling, we’d love to help – (and it’s highly recommended for new houses in particular) – connect with us today!