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We’ve all experienced it. There is a bad odour in the fridge and it’s going to take a hunting expedition to track down the culprit. Once you find the item that is causing the bad smell this unpleasant odour can linger in the fridge even after you have tossed out the bad food. When you’re dealing with lingering odours that you can’t get rid of, here are some tips from maid services in Mississauga to help you make your fridge smell clean and fresh again.

Look for Other Sources

When you find something that has gone bad and remove it from the fridge only to discover that the smell is still there, look for any other foods that could be possibly contributing to the cause. It’s common to find one thing and simply assume that it was causing all of the older issues. The smell could be coming from 2 or even more sources, however, so make sure that you take a close look at every food item in the fridge before concluding that you have removed all of the bad smelling food.

Examine the Drip Pan

This is a shallow pan that is placed beneath the fridge. You can usually get to it from the back of the refrigerator. Be sure to unplug the fridge before moving it as a safety precaution. Usually there is only a very small amount of water that drips into the pan from the fridge. The amount of dripping water is so small that it evaporates quickly so no water has a chance to pool up in the pan. If there is a problem with your fridge, however, and condensation is occurring at a higher speed, liquid can build up in the drip pan. This water will stagnate and act as a breeding ground for bacteria. A number of different foul odours can come from the pan at this stage.

If you find a large amount of water you’ll need to remove the pan and wash it out with an antibacterial soap and hot water. Then you’ll need to dry it up, put it back in place and keep an eye on it. If water starts to accumulate once again in the pan, you’ll need to get your refrigerator serviced or you may want to consider getting a new fridge if it’s time to replace your old one.

Use Housecleaning Services to Deep Clean Your Fridge

If you have discovered that it’s not food or an accumulation of water in the drip and that is causing the bad smell, you should consider using housecleaning services to give your fridge a deep cleaning. It’s difficult to keep your fridge smelling great when there are small crumbs and spills of liquid down the sides of the fridge, on the interior fridge shelves and at the bottom of the refrigerator. Your appliance may just need a good cleaning to make it smell good again.

It’s recommended that your fridge be cleaned from top to bottom at least once every six months whether it is smelling okay or not. This is important not only to keep the bad odours away but to keep it sanitary as well. Everything inside the fridge should be removed from all of the shelves after unplugging the unit and each component should be cleaned thoroughly. Then all food can be put back in its proper place.

One of the best things to clean your fridge with is baking soda. It naturally neutralizes and absorbs odours and is widely used for cleaning in other parts of the house. Mix together 2 tablespoons of baking soda along with enough water to form a thick paste. Use a damp sponge and dip it into the paste when wiping down the sides and shelves within the fridge. The baking soda will also help remove any spills and stains. If you have any residue left over inside the fridge from the baking soda paste it can be wiped up easily and quickly with a damp cloth.

Allow Your Fridge to Air out

After cleaning the fridge give it some time to completely air out. There are some musty odours that have to escape first before the bad smell can be eliminated completely. The fridge is used to being sealed off from air so be sure to keep the door open on the fridge after you’ve cleaned it to allow some clean fresh air to enter the unit. Keep the refrigerator doors open for approximately an hour to make sure that it is completely aired out. If you are using maid services in Mississauga to deep clean your fridge, let them know ahead of time. This way they can work on your fridge first in order to give it time to get some air while cleaning the rest of your home.

Keep Your Fridge Smelling Great

When it comes to keeping foul odours at bay in your refrigerator there are a few options available. Many people purchase a box or two of baking soda, open the lids and keep them in the fridge. They help to absorb odours and will do the job for approximately 3 months. They are very inexpensive to replace and very effective at absorbing bad smells.

Another option is to use activated charcoal bags. They consist of activated charcoal powder contained in a cloth, porous bag. You can also make your own bags by purchasing the cloth bags and the powder separately.

You can also choose to add some vanilla to a bowl of water and then place the bowl in the fridge. Keep the bowl in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours or longer if you’d like the fragrance to be stronger.

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